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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Real Kids - Outta Place/All Kinda Jerks Live!

The Real Kids - Outta Place/All Kinda Jerks Live!

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Can't Talk to That Girl 2. No Place Fast 3. Senseless 4. It's Been Real 5. I'd Rather Go to Jail 6. Every Day Is a Saturday 7. Small Town 8. Problems 9. Outta Place 10. Outta Place [Live] 11. No Place Fast [Live] 12. What She Don't Know [Live] 13. Common at Noon [Live] 14. Do the Boob [Live] 15. My Baby's Book [Live] 16. Can't Talk to That Girl [Live] 17. Bad to Worse [Live] 18. She Got Everything [Live] 19. My Way [Live] 20. All Kindsa Girls [Live]

The Real Kids don't need an introduction. For a brief time they were a very catchy combo, mixing pop and furious rock 'n roll 50's style with a punk attitude. They were the best band to come out of Boston and it's surroundings. I know i already posted OUTTA PLACE previously but this is the french version on NEW ROSE and it's got one more track, I'd Rather Go to Jail, and it also includes ALL KINDA JERKS LIVE! Play loud as they say!

specially for VEX VOXTONE


vex_voxtone said...

Hey Pal if it's not a too much of a trouble for ya ... can you put this one on sharebee too ... I'd be totally grateful.
Thanx in advance and keep up the great work :)

vex_voxtone said...

Thanx so much !!!!
You are THE MAN :))

Anonymous said...

thanks so much. only own the band's self titled cd. looking forward to this one.