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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Real Kids - No place fast

No Place Fast - LP/CD1999 - Norton LP # ED267 - CD # CED-267 w/ bonus track "She"2 LPs on 1 CD: OUTTA PLACE (orig. issued in 1982) / TAXI BOYS (orig. issued in 1981)


1. Can't Talk to That Girl 3:09

2. No Place Fast 2:58

3. Sensless 4:46

4. It's Been Real 2:57

5. Every Day Is a Saturday 3:28

6. Small Town 4:25

7. Problems 2:15
8. Outta Place 3:36

9. What's It to You 3:24

10. Bad to Worse 2:14

11. What She Don't Know 4:20

12. Everybody's Girl 3:37

13. Happens All the Time 3:12

14. She 3:17

Billy Cole (vocals, guitar, bass, bells)John Felice (vocals, guitar, bass)Allen Paulino (vocals, bass)Scott Parmentar (guitar)Bobby Morin, Bobby McNabb (drums).and also : Andy Paley (harmonica, Hammond organ); Erik Lindgren (piano, organ); Mike Evans (vibraphone)Produced by Andy Paley, John Felice, Phil Adler.Recorded at Perfect Crime Studios, Watertown, Massachusetts and Downtown Recorders, Boston, Mass.

liner notes by John Felice


Anonymous said...

Fantastic start for you ! Every rrecord's a real winner up to now !!!

RSquared said...

Hey Rat Boy - great blog. Found you via It's Psych. Hope you keep it going!

Anonymous said...

ciao blog..
really looking for this...
tanx... Sam Butera

taxiboysdrummer said...

The Taxi Boys are going to be the next Rolling Stones or Beatles!

Anonymous said...

The Taxi Boys were like The Small Faces before they became the Faces.
Boys to Kids. Next up?
featuring taxiboysdrummer!!!

I like your whole site too!
Still looking at it... Great job Ratboy69.