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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Lyres - AHS 1005

1. Buried Alive

2. In Motion

3. High On Yourself

4. What A Girl Can't Do

5. Help You Ann

6. I Really Want You Right Now

7. Ain't Going Nowhere

8. 100 CC's (Pure Thrust)

9. She Pays The Rent

10. High On Yourself

11. What A Girl Can't Do

12. Buried Alive

13. In Motion

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

This cd re-issue is a total piece of bliss as it includes the mandatory first "lost" album which never had a chance to be released. Here it is now making this object an absolute must to have. The early Lyres favourites are there from "Help you Ann" to "She pays the rent ", these first renditions of those classic Lyres songs are just fascinating,The Lyres must have been a band with about a hundred different line-ups in their twenty years of existence.. Here you have the legendary line-up, with the great Pete Greenberg (ex-DMZ) on lead guitar and Howie Ferguson (on leave from the Real Kids) on drums. Of course all the Lyres records are good but this one is just perfect !!


Seany Dangerous said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

great post i'm looking for the lyres cd those lyres for the big download. anyone know where i can find this outta print gem?

jimmo said...

The link to download this music ["AHS-1005" by The Lyres] is broken.

If and when you are able to fix it, please post a notice the link is repaired, so users may try again.

I conducted an interview with Jeff Conolly and wrote a two-part feature on The Lyres for a New England monthly when this record was released.

I've never had the music in any format other than vinyl, and have been separated from most of my record collection (due to living space limitations) for many years, so would love to download and transfer this file to my mp3 player.

By the way--you have impeccable taste in music, "RatBoy69!"

Did you, in fact, used to go to gigs at The Rat in Boston?

Rockandre said...

Superb! Thank you very much!

Ramon said...

Thanks for the blog, it's great!
I need your help, I want re-up Lyres entries, It is possible? I need AHS1005, Cantones, Live '83 Party & Nothing But records. Many many thanks from Barcelona. All the best.