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Wednesday, May 28, 2008



@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Shattered (You Left Me) 2. We Don't Have to Worry Anymore 3. So Bored 4. Busy Signals 5. (Making) Teenage Faces 6. Your Shadow 7. Sniffin' Glue 8. Walking out on Love 9. Still Crazy [Alternate Version] 10. Modern Kicks [Alternate Version] 11. Busy Signals [Demo Version] 12. I'm a Pretender [Alt Mix] 13. Throwaway Style [Alt Mix] 14. Black and Blue [Alt Mix] 15. Thorns in Roses [Alt Mix] 16. Shattered (You Left Me) [Alternate Version]

The Exploding Hearts were a band from Portland, Oregon. The band comprised vocalist Adam Cox, bassist Matt Fitzgerald, guitarist Terry Six and drummer Jeremy Gage. On July 20, 2003 the band was in a car accident which claimed the lives of three members. Their touring van flipped over on Interstate 5 just north of Eugene, Oregon. Jeremy Gage and Adam Cox were thrown from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. The driver, Matthew Fitzgerald, died at a hospital. Terry Six and band manager Rachelle Ramos both survived with minor injuries.Terry Six went on to front and play guitar for the Portland-based power pop band, the Nice Boys. Check them here:


Anonymous said...

bonjour vous trouverez l'album:
"The Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic" à l'adresse suivante:
merci pour tous lesdisques que vous nous proposez

limburg said...

Hey, Tanks for sharing all these great bands.

I take a look everyday (one post a day is great)
I already have about 50% of the records,others I know about them and is great to listen them. But the greatest thing is, that knowing your good taste for music, bands that I never heard of them before can be downloaded without any doubt, being sure that they are Killers.

Thanks again for posting

Curty Ray said...

Thanks fo the great share!! This looks COOL!

Noody said...

Thank you for this one. It was so good so I had to buy the hard copy!

Anonymous said...

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